The Benefits of Running

running at dawn

Why is it that more and more people are running than ever before? It’s not just a coincidence; the sport has many great benefits to the human body. Also, any runner can tell you that running is addictive. It’s a great habit that many people have formed and stick to. What’s in it for you?

1. Increase Cardiovascular Health

One of the greatest benefits of running is increasing your cardiovascular health. Every know and then, doctors will be astonished at the low number of heart beats per minute in their patient. The patient will most likely say that he or she is a runner. Running makes your heart work harder, so that when you are not running your heart will beat more slowly than before. Running will lower blood pressure and maintain the elasticity in your arteries. The arteries are contracted and expanded three times as much during running than resting. Running will increase your overall bodily functions, decreasing your chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

2. Shed Pounds

In order to lose one pound, you must burn 3500 calories, which can be divided into 500 calories a day. Many runners are able to burn that amount under an hour due to the great deal of energy put into running. The more energy input, the more calories burned. The number of calories burned depends on a person’s weight, intensity of the exercise, and length of the workout. Normally, about your body releases 0.1 calories/minute per pound of body weight. Losing weight is a great motivation for running because of the quickly burned calories. It doesn’t have to be painful. Start off slow and before you know it, running will be a habit. If you find yourself thinking that the workout is too long, grab a friend to motivate you and keep you company.

3. Better Your Mood

When you are upset or angry, try going for a jog. It could even be five minutes long. Runners say that if they are in a bad mood at the beginning of a jog, by the end they are rejuvenated and happier. No wonder! Running activates hormones that allow you to better your mood. Also, it can significantly boost your self-esteem and confidence. When runners set goals ahead of time, during their run they push and motivate themselves. Accomplishing goals can be one of the most rewarding feelings.

4. Slow the Age Process

As runners age, their joints are kept healthy and the chances of experiencing bone and muscle loss are decreased. Because of the demands of your bones during running, they will become stronger while growing as well. Preventing your bones from weakening will lessen the chance of developing osteoporosis.

5. Improve Your Coordination

Many runners have more coordination than those who do not engage in the activity. Why? Running requires a person to hold themselves up straight and go ahead on the designated path. This requires work from the body that will show significant improvement in coordination. Running on trails is even more beneficial because you must run unpaved paths with uneven surfaces, not to mention the rocks and tree roots in your way. Improved coordination will help you in any other exercise and daily activity. You will see that you won’t be trying to find your balance too much.

There are so many great things that come from running, but be careful. Invest in a good pair of shoes that is designed for running. Also, make sure to warm-up and stretch before and after your workout. Do not run if you have any knee pain already. Running can be great if done properly.

Happy running!